Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SPA2008 - some final thoughts

It is now 2 weeks since the end of the SPA 2008 Conference and I have finally finished writing my notes. (Yippee!) So what are my final thoughts and what I am going to take away for exploring in the next few weeks and months?

I thought the conference was excellently run with a good mix of software practitioners attending. I was spoilt for choice in selecting the sessions to attend but there are some good notes appearing which summarise the sessions I didn't attend. There are also a number of articles appearing on various blogs. The dialogue during and between sessions was also stimulating and I hope to continue this when time permits.

Technically, I am particularly interested in following up the following topics:

I also learnt a lot about me. The conference confirmed that generally, the work I do is pretty well in line with what the rest of the software world in the UK is currently doing (or tyring to do!). There are differences but these appeared to be related to the domains, size of developments and team dynamics.

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